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RC Gorman - Two Sisters ~ Signed Litho 100/200

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Rudolph Carl Gorman (July 26, 1931 - November 3, 2005) was a Native American artist of the Navajo Nation.[1] Referred to as "the Picasso of American Indian art" by the New York Times, his paintings are primarily of Native American women and characterized by fluid forms and vibrant colors, though he also worked in sculpture, ceramics, and stone lithography. He was also an avid lover of cuisine, authoring four cookbooks, (with accompanying drawings) called Nudes and Food.[2] 


Lithograph on Paper

H: 28 1/2 "

W: 22 1/2"

Year produced: 1982


200 Artist's Editions
20 Artist's Proofs
11 Presentations Proofs
10 Roman Numbered Impressions
8 Printer's Proofs
1 Bon a Tirer
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