Beastro Dictionary

There are some phrases or Beasts at The Beastro that my be unfamiliar to the average person. 

Therefore, we've created The Beastro Dictionary


  • Withafur - the surname of all furry animals
  • Nofur - a human
  • Poochie McSmoochie - The real owner of The Beastro
  • Beast in Need - any animal that needs our help
  • Bean - the surname of all cats - aka Jeezo Bean or Chaser Bean or Pinkie Bean
  • Max - the King Doxie
  • Mia - the Queen Doxie
  • Brutus - the dingo
  • Mostro - the wolf
  • Gunnar - International Dog of Mystery
  • The Beastro - a mythical creature that is part bat, horse, reptile, elf, cat, dog and fairy
  • Lil Skunks - the crawl space dwellers
  • Javelina - the darktime visitors
  • Lady Strange - Friend of The Beastro, origin NYC
  • McMootz - Artist in residence
  • Pomegranate Muse - Artist in residence
  • Nik - Artist in residence
  • Epona - Artist in residence (part horse and part female nofur)
  • Fat Lindas - female nofurs that can only get attention by being loud and obnoxious
  • Debbie Downer - female nofur that constantly pisses on everything
  • The Troll - the negative energy that tries to live under the porch
  • The CrowDuk - the smart Crow that has learned to quack like a duck. He lives high in the trees.
  • 40 - Andrew Forti of Alpha Pigeon
  • Jake MF Gatsby - King Dang Me
  • Mikey - JoJo's Nofur
  • JoJo - Withafur in residence, everywhere
  • Joan - Brit with the wit
  • PapaDeMetri - One who helps the withafurs in Poorland
  • Melshutz - He who helps all withafurs
  • Nofurland - where the humans live
  • Withafur Forest - where the furries live
  • Creekside - the calm place next to Granite Creek
  • Date with my Dog - a time for nofurs and withafurs to hang out and enjoy the evening.
  • Venus De Mars - Otherworld nofur.
  • Hal Sparks - Alien Nofur
  • Ricci Hardt - Nofurland Celebrity



The Beastro is a venue dedicated to raising money for
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Inc. (WHRR)  Registered 501c3 Charity ~ Saving Animals in Need
Mailing Address: PO Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080 Phone: 866-926-8007
HavasuPups and Kitty City are programs at WHRR

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